Hygiene & Cleaning materials


Dealy Grease Remover (Special for floor machine to wash)

FORCE 5 is powerful cleaning, universal grease-remover especially creates for the floor machines of wash. Cleaning for textiles, wood, aluminum, PVC,plastics, metals, minerals. Effective for dirty oils, cooked, mineral & organic greases, it is an industrial product of general use.


Concentred universal cleaner

This universal cleaner is for all kinds of surfaces, which is washable with water (wood, textile, metal, mineral, plastic, …). It is effective for grease, oils, nicotine, ink, tenacious dirtiness ,etc …  It is suitable for cleansing Kitchens, sanitary, garages, industries, hospitals, schools, etc ...


Cleaning daily floor

Neutral liquid of cleaning for floor with the parasol pine. Is appropriate for all the types of coating, tiling, lino, balatum, vinyl, terra cotta, marbles, natural stones etc.


Emulsion for floor cleaning with wax

Emulsion with natural wax for a protection effect. Floor Cleaning and protection in the same time. During the cleaning, a new wax lay takes place of the old wax lay dissolved by SOLIS to avoid the wax accumulation.


Cleaning floor with surrounding PERFUME 

Neutral liquid of cleaning for floor with a surrounding perfume integrated. Clean, deodorizes & disinfectes your surfaces.


Auto Polish all surfaces

Auto polish for all surfaces (Floor, wood, tiled floor, lino, furniture,..)with a protection effect against wearing. During the cleaning, put in the water 30 ml of FLORUS to keep the polish effect. 


Cleaning concentrated professional carpet

Is appropriate for all the types of carpet, groundsheet, fitted carpet, etc... except for the "carpet tended laying" .


Perfume – Odour Absorber

CORIOLIS is an active odour absorber. Its action begins by the reduction of the nauseating gas vapour pression with rapid diminution of 90 % of the bad odours and then by the destruction and disinfection of the origins . Spray considerably in the atmosphere because the product is very powerful. It can also be used  for natural evaporation, in the humidifier or in the air-conditioner systems .


Liquid dishes concentrated

Product for the manual dishes concentrate. Respect the crockery and the skin.


Concentred Cleaning liquid for industrial dishwasher

Concentred cleaning liquid for all kind of dishes. Very concentred without a lather effect. Efficiency to remove cooked organic and mineral. Product without any negative effect on the kitchen utensils.


Rinsing liquid for industrial dishwasher

Industrial rinsing liquid for a good water evacuation and avoid the traces on the dishes.


Powders for dishwasher

Dishwasher powder for the cleaning of the crockery in all the types of dishwashers.


Concentred soap liquid for dishes

For a hygienic cleaning of glasses and dishes, non allergic, bacterial effect, this product very concentred destroy the germs in the water and give of very good cleaning effect specially on the glasses. Recommended for a professional use.


Cleaning - FURNACE

Pickling solution calamine and other carbon residues charged. For the cleaning of the furnaces, fryers,  etc.


Cleaning - RUST

Cleaning industrial scaling substance for metals, aluminium, iron, stainless, etc. Effective for the cleaning of organic and mineral greases, dirty oil, rust, the brilliance does not attack and gives an anti-corrosive protection.


Cleaning - POLISH  (food Sector)

Cleaning polish for metals food quality for coppers, silver, brass, stainless, etc. Give again the brilliancy of the new and leaves a protective hydrophobic film which decreases the frequency of the cleaning.


Gel for the hands

Light product for sensitive skin containing natural soaps to soft pH.


Industrial Soap for the hands

Outwardly fat produced (reinforced protection of the skin, anti-gerçure containing derived from colza), MANIX dissolves the industrial usual stains.


Concentred washing powder

Ecological and concentrated washing powder for the eliminate of the stains of grease, fruits, diversity of foods, inlay of dusts, vegetable and other vegetation, etc … VIVIO respects the textiles and the colours. It’s also a biodegradable product. VIVIO is used in traditional method in the drawer of the washing machine previewed for this type of product. It’s a very concentrated product because it contains 100 % of active substance. We have to forecast of 10 gr to 20 gr of VIVIO per kg of household linen (according to the state of filthiness)


Liquid detergent

Liquid detergent all temperatures. Effective as of the lowest temperatures and for all types of textiles.


Textiles softener

Give to the linen a great suppleness.


Industrial encorker

Industrial encorker all drains with instantaneous action. To avoid the direct contact of the product with fragile surfaces (can leave traces).


Deodorizing for drains

Deodorizer, cleaning with action disinfecting for the drains, reserves of decantation, repression of odours, discharges from conduits, brewers' yeasts, dustbins, etc.


Liquid windows daily

Cleaning panes ready for use without ammonia.


Disinfectant to air-conditioned system

Industrial disinfectant with a bacterial effect. Universal product for a great efficiency. Very concentred to a long time effect.


Clarify for swimming pool

Product for clarification of water which conglomerate destroyed micro-organisms, and subsequently reduces quantity of chlorine. It is perfect complement for all kinds of filtration systems. Inject on the circuit 1litre for 100 cubic meter of water. The utilisation of this product is guaranteed  for the clarification of water .


Sanitisor - Daily cleaning cleansing sanitary concentrated 

Cleansing of surface on the basis of several agent biocides: Synergized quaternary ammonium (Powerful disinfecting with broad spectrum), oil of pine (Disinfecting and acaricide), alcohol... Colourless product concentrate without negative effects for the environment, being able to be also used in food sector to dilute in water of traditional method of work. 


Gel cleaning for sanitary

Powerful antiliming cleaning gel with action disinfecting for W.C., shower, sink, sanitary with a pleasant intense almond perfume.


Sanitary scaling substance

Sanitary scaling substance removing rust from for the restoration of surfaces of WC, urinals etc. 


Industrial scaling substance

Effective product for the limestone and the residues of cleaning just as the deposits left by a ferruginous water.


Daily scaling substance

Universal scaling substance, cleaning of façade, eliminate of cement for the formwork, descaling of the drains of discharge, etc.


Marble and tiled floor wax

Colourless wax for marble and tiled floor  with an application very easy. Apply and let drying. Use polisher. Don’t stain the tiled floor joints.

* TOP Product

The Omega Clean range still proposes other types of products : Shampoo, polish cars, produced car-wash, anti graffiti, cleaning roofs, terraces, façades, Water repellents, cleaning computers, shampoos for animals, products swimming pool, cleaning paires of glasses, etc....

Products for wood protection and tiled floor

Products for protection and maintenance of leather